Ring My Bell

Oct 23, 2015

Ring My Bell

Shorts season is officially over, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for jeans or leggings all the time. The pants world is having a moment and you get to benefit from it - we’re talking cute, comfy, practical pants that can serve your everyday life without being the same old look you’re used to.

Enter bell-bottoms and wide-legged pants.

I know, bell-bottoms bring up visions of vintage horror, but they’re back and better than ever. These pants are straight-legged until midway down the calf, where they flare out like crazy. They create a fun visual interest not usually offered in a pant and can make your whole outfit pop. While they work in your typical blue denim, you can try a corduroy, print or color for an even bolder statement.

Wide-legged pants are the even comfier cousin of the bell-bottom. These, as you might have guessed, are wide all the way down your leg. They offer lots of room for movement and an ultra-chic look. Plus, they are generally made of really soft material with an elastic waistband, so you can take a break from feeling stiff and stuck in your skinny jeans. It’s a high-fashion look with a pajama bottom feel. What could be better?

We had a few of our regulars try out the look for themselves:

Miss West Virginia, Chelsea Malone, is a tall drink of sunshine. She wore our Paisley Stretch Bell Bottoms with a "Head over Heels" Tank and totally rocked it out.


At a modest 5’2”, Peru put on the same pants and slayed with a sexy shirt on top. She also tried our black corduroy pair for a more casual feel and looked just as good. 

These seem like pretty bold looks - and they certainly can be - but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it or can’t pull it off. Bell-bottoms and wide-legged pants are just like anything else: It may take a few different visits to the dressing room, but once you find a pair you like, you’ll never look back. They can work for any height or shape (although may take some hemming on us shorter gals), for virtually any occasion and for any age. It’s just about finding the perfect pair for you.